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Level 1: Beginning Reading

Ideal for readers who are beginning to decode words and sentences

What’s more fun for kids this age than animals that talk and have all sorts of adventures? Many of the books at this level are filled with animal characters that have wonderful (and sometimes silly) adventures! The characters are fanciful, and the books are packed with humor—just what children at this age love!

For instance, in Chester and Sammy the Seal, the main characters, a wild horse and a seal, travel to the city looking for a home. The tongue twisters in Creepy Crawly Critters and Other Tongue Twisters will keep your students amused and delighted, while at the same time starting them on the road to reading independently.

Below are some ideas that will help your budding readers sound out words and create simple sentences.
  • Aid development of simple sentences and decoding of beginning sounds and blends. Have students create their own silly sentences. For example, after reading Buzzing Bumblebees and Other Tongue Twisters, have students create their own tongue twisters. They can dictate the tongue twisters to you, or they can write the sentences themselves using inventive spelling. For added fun, tongue twisters can then be written on large paper tongues attached to cutout faces. Curl the paper tongues around pencils and the students can unroll them while reading them. Students can also share their tongue-twister sentences with the class. The other students can try to say the tongue twisters five times quickly!
  • Promote recognition of familiar words. Expand your students’ list of sight words. For instance, after reading The Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm, have students identify any words they may recognize from the story. They can draw and color pictures of the words, write the words in the center of their illustration, and cut it out. Then students can exhibit their pictures and words in the classroom on a large display of a farm.
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