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Level 3: Reading Alone

Ideal for readers who can read on their own

How can you help your independent readers connect reading with other subjects? The books at this level include a wide selection of historical fiction with more complex themes and adventurous storylines. Your students can understand past events and time periods while enjoying a good book. Select from a wide range of stories and time periods, ranging from the impact of European settlers on Native Americans in the book Small Wolf, to Dust for Dinner, a story that takes place during the Great Depression.

Other genres include nonfiction books, such as Dolphin, poetry books, such as Surprises, and contemporary fiction, such as the Emma series of books. Books at this level also contain more challenging vocabulary, including some Spanish words in books such as The Outside Dog and Rafi and Rosi.

Below are some ideas to help encourage your self-sufficient readers to continue to take pleasure in, as well as learn from, good books.
  • Connect the subjects of reading and social studies. After reading George the Drummer Boy and learning about the Revolutionary War, select an event from the book that the students have also learned about during social studies. Have students write journal entries about the event. Half of the class can write about the event from the perspective of George, a drummer boy for the King’s soldiers, and the other half from the perspective of a colonist. Evaluate journal entries for comprehension of the novel and historical accuracy.
  • Support good reader strategies. One strategy of good readers is that they can visualize in their minds what the author is describing with words. Read Seasons, a book of poems about the seasons. Have students select their favorite poem and draw and color a picture of what they visualized in their minds while reading the poem or listening to the poem being read aloud. The students can then share their drawings with the class. For an added twist, have the other students try to guess which poem the student selected based on his or her drawing.
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