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Why Danny the Dinosaur is One of the Greatest Classics for Kids

There are a lot of dinosaur books out there. One of our absolute favorites is Danny and the Dinosaur, which has been popular for more than fifty years! The duo has definitely earned their spot on the list of classic children’s books. Here are four reasons why we think that Danny and his dinosaur friend have stood the test of time and will continue to inspire young readers:

The books teach kids how to be a good friend.

From the moment Danny enters the museum in the original story and thinks, “It would be nice to play with a dinosaur,” the two are fast friends. The newest book in the series, Danny and the Dinosaur: The Big Sneeze, is no exception. Danny and his friend get caught in the rain, and both come down with a cold. The story shows the parallels of their sick day. Despite the efforts of Danny’s mom and the museum director, Danny and the Dinosaur are both bored. Fortunately, they talk on the phone, empathize with one another, and reunite the next day. Kids catch a glimpse of the pair’s similar interests and how much they care about one another.

Cover of Danny and the Dinosaur: The Big Sneeze

Danny and the Dinosaur are includers.

We all know what it”s like to feel left out. But Danny and the Dinosaur make room for everyone to play. Though they are clearly BFFs, the dinosaur gives rides to everyone and is always up for meeting Danny’s other friends. They’re also empathetic. When Danny and his friends first play hide-and-seek with the dinosaur, and the dinosaur struggles to find a good hiding spot, the children understand why he’s upset. They even let him win a round to cheer him up! In every story, Danny and the Dinosaur show kids how to treat others with kindness and respect.

They embrace one another’s differences.

Let’s face it: Danny doesn’t have a ton in common with his best friend. And sometimes the dinosaur feels different. As we mentioned earlier, games like hide-and-seek aren’t very easy for him. But Danny is always quick to suggest ways to include his friend. And when the Dinosaur feels self-conscious, both Danny and the supporting characters try to put him at ease and show him that his differences are what make him unique.

Cover of Danny and the Dinosaur: Too Tall

They are perfect for early readers.

Like all of the I Can Read! books, the Danny and the Dinosaur series is written with early readers in mind. With simple words and accessible language, the books are ideal for younger readers who are just beginning to sound out words on their own. However, the plot is complex enough that they are also great for adults to read to children. And regardless of who is reading, there are plenty of talking points at the end of each story.

What do you love about Danny and the Dinosaur? We’d love to know. And if you’re looking for talking points or book-related games for your child, be sure to check out the activities here!