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4 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Kindergarten

If you have a child entering kindergarten this fall, they may be feeling a bit anxious about the new experience. Even if your child rocks transitions, kindergarten is a big step, both for them and for you! Whether this will be their first time in school, or if they’re old pros, here are a few ways in which you can help them get excited about kindergarten.

2 children with backpacks

1. Communicate

Kids process information at all different rates. When you talk with them about their new school, you may want to give them details in small doses so they don’t end up feeling overwhelmed. If you mention kindergarten, and they have questions, they’ll ask them! But if they don’t, chances are, they’re pondering the change and may very well come back to you with questions later. If not, give it a few days and then mention familiar faces they may have in their class or suggest a summertime playdate with a child who will be in their grade.

2. Shop for school supplies together

Do you remember getting new school supplies when you were a kid? We’re getting kind of nostalgic just thinking about all of those №2 pencils and erasers, not to mention the lunch boxes and Trapper Keepers. Many schools allow you to order supplies directly through them, but taking your child out (or looking online together) and allowing them to choose their own lunch box or backpack will focus both of your energy into excitement rather than anxiety. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to spend time together.

3. Read some school-themed books

There are so many great books about starting school! In addition to telling stories, they can reassure kids that it’s normal to feel anxious or nervous about a new situation, while also highlighting some of the fun things that they have to look forward to! Helping your child know what to expect will make them feel more confident come September. Here are some of our favorite back-to-school books.

4. Tell your child stories about when you were in school

You may not feel like your life is riveting, but many kids are eager for stories about your past. Did you have a special tradition before you went back to school? Maybe your mom wrote you a note and put it in your lunch box, or you had spaghetti and meatballs every year the night before school started. Sharing positive or funny memories that you have will help gear up your child up for similar experiences, and it could launch a new generation of traditions for your family.

Here are a few ways in which you can help prepare your child for kindergarten. Practicing letters and sounds with them or buying simple, straightforward books that feature lots of repetition will allow them to familiarize themselves with key concepts while having fun at the same time.

Most importantly, enjoy your summer!

Here are some of our favorite I Can Read! books for back to school:

Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School
Pinkalicious: School Rules
Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm
Diary of a Worm: Nat the Gnat
Danny and the Dinosaur: School Days
My Weird School: Class Pet Mess
Clark the Shark and the Big Book Report