Reading Tips For Parents & Educators

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5 Reading Tips for Back to School

5tipsA new school year means a whole new schedule and routine for families. Below are some tips to keep reading front and center as your children head back to school!

1. Read Aloud

Spend time reading out loud. Young children who are learning to read will enjoy listening to stories they can’t quite yet master, and older children enjoy hearing their favorites. Take turns reading different parts of the text, and ask your children questions as the story progresses. Reading aloud also helps children practice strong pronunciation, voice projection, and becoming more comfortable in front of a crowd – all great skills as they advance in school.

2. Read Consistently

Always set aside time each day for you and your child to read. Some enjoy reading before bedtime, but you can read at breakfast, in the car, or right before dinnertime. It can be as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, but the consistent practice will encourage a lifelong love of reading.

3. Read Schoolwork Together

Review the schoolwork your child brings home together to ensure that they fully understand and complete the task. As children begin reading on their own, they can misinterpret concepts and ideas. By reviewing their work together, you will understand what is expected of your child at school, and your child will understand what is expected of them in their work.

4. Read and Record

Even parents with the best intentions can miss scheduled reading time. As an alternative, make a recording of you and your child reading favorite books aloud. Your child can listen to the recordings in the car during a busy day, or as they fall asleep at night. Other family members like grandparents, aunts, and uncles can record their favorite stories, too.

5. Read Everywhere

A new school year means busy, busy, busy! Show your child that reading is everywhere by taking time to read recipes, menus, directions, newspapers, and email aloud. Reading items like these aloud helps your child discover the world around them.