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6 Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer




It’s summertime! Families everywhere are looking forward to a well deserved break from the routine of school. While everyone loves the sunshine and smiles that come around this time of year, it’s important to remember the “summer slump” or the common decline of academic achievement that happens when kids are out of the classroom for a significant amount of time. Below are some fun and easy ways to introduce reading into your children’s summer and help combat the slump!

Here are 6 ways to keep your child ahead of the curve this summer:

1. Get creative about learning the alphabet

Summer can be busy and finding time to read can be difficult. So why don’t you help your child learn the alphabet by playing “I Spy with My Little Eye” using letters? This can be done in daily life by looking at street signs, store signs, and cereal boxes, and, of course, while reading books together.

2. Make reading a tactile experience

Trace letters in the sand at the beach. Or find magnetic letters, wooden blocks, or press-on letters which will make working with your child on letters and letter sounds easy while traveling.

3. Find fun, new ways to bring a book to life

Looking for a more creative way to interact with a book and a great summer afternoon activity? Encourage your child to create a puppet show of the story. Create simple finger or sock puppets, and act out scenes from the story. Don’t forget to applaud at the end!

4. Play word games to help your child make connections between letters, sounds, and words

Stuck waiting in line at an amusement park or at the store? Play the name game! Ask your child for some of his or her friends’ names. Then sound out the names and talk about the beginning letter. P-at, M-eg, D-an, for example! This will help your child learn to connect the letter to its sound.

5. Visit your local library

Encourage your child to pick out several books on his or her own. Then, go home and read them aloud together. Plus, many libraries have special summer programing, so make sure to check out what your branch has to offer.

6. Try reading in different formats

Going on a road trip? Make the most of car time and use book and CD sets or ebooks that allow your child to hear the words and follow along with the print.

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