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Minnie and Moo and the Haunted Sweater

By Denys Cazet, Illustrated by Denys Cazet

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    It's the farmer's birthday.

    Minnie is giving him her last cream puff.

    Moo has knitted him a special sweater—very special. So special that one sleeve is longer than the other, and the sweater can sneeze.

    Even Elvis the Rooster is—

    Wait a minute.

    Where is Elvis?


    Denys Cazet

    Denys Cazet is the author and illustrator of more than 25 picture books for children, including Never Spit On Your Shoes, winner of the California Young Readers Medal.

    The books about Minnie and Moo are his first for beginning readers. He was inspired to tell stories about the silly cow best-friends when he passed a herd of cows in which all but two were facing the same way. The other two stood next to each other, facing in the opposite direction from the rest of the cows. He immediately dubbed the two nonconformists Minnie and Moo and imagined the adventures two cows who were loyal friends rather than followers of the herd. Mr. Cazet is currently writing I Can Read Books featuring Elvis the Rooster from the farm on which Minnie and Moo live.

    Mr. Cazet was an elementary school teacher for 25 years, and has also been a school librarian and elementary school media specialist. He remains active in his local elementary school parent and advisory committees. A California native, Mr. Cazet lives with his family in the foothills of the Napa Valley.

    Illustrated by Denys Cazet


    Imprint: HarperCollins

    Format: Hardcover

    On Sale: 08/28/2007

    ISBN: 9780060730161

    ISBN10: 0060730161

    Pages: 48

    Trimsize: 9.000 x 6.000 in


    JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Beginner

    JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Cows

    JUVENILE FICTION / Humorous Stories