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Classroom Activity Ideas: My First I Can Read! Books

The My First books in the I Can Read! series tell stories that new and emerging readers love because the stories are relatable. The characters in the books at this level are often experiencing the same types of events the children at this age level may be experiencing.

Below are some My First I Can Read! books and suggestions for what you might ask your students about the stories:

Book: Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School


  • What is your favorite outfit to wear to school?
  • Pete has so many different colored clothes. What’s your favorite color to wear? Why?

Have your students draw a picture of their favorite outfit and hang the drawings in the classroom.

Book: Biscuit and the Lost Teddy Bear


  • Biscuit finds a teddy bear that someone has lost. Did you ever find something that someone had lost? What did you do?
  • Make a “Biscuit’s Lost and Found Box” in your classroom out of a cardboard box and tell your students to put things they find that someone has lost in the box.