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Find expert reading strategies and useful tips to help introduce children to the wonderful world of reading on their own with I Can Read!

Get Back-to-School Ready with I Can Read! Book Club

“Back to school” may bring to mind school supplies, new outfits, and time spent labeling lunch boxes, but making sure your child is prepared goes beyond buying extra tissues and glue sticks. It also means ensuring that your kid has confidence in their own abilities, especially reading, when it’s time to return to class.

Here are five perks about the I Can Read! Book Club, our monthly box of I Can Read! paperback books, to help your early reader get back-to-school ready.

1. Build confidence in the classroom

Reading is a part of every subject in every class, and if your child struggles with reading, it can affect their confidence at school. As your child reads through books on their own in the I Can Read! Book Club, they will naturally increase fluency and build a larger vocabulary. Reading skills can help them gain confidence speaking in front of a class, as well as translate to better grades in various subjects, like english, math, and science.

2. Get kids excited about reading on their own

Reading is often seen as a required chore instead of a fun activity, which is why kids may dread it. The increase in assignments and homework as your child moves through school can make reading even worse! But you can introduce your children to the fun side of reading by introducing books that are purely for personal enjoyment. When your child takes part in our book club, there are no assignments or grades to add any unnecessary pressure. Instead, your child gets to explore the wonder of new places and new character friends as they read books designed for their reading level.

3. Foster deeper peer relationships and friendships

Friendships can be hard at any age, but this is even truer for kids who may feel pressure to fit in. Toddlers and youngsters especially are still learning all of the rules and nuances that guide our social interactions. Participating in the I Can Read! Book Club can help your child have things to talk about with their fellow peers, as well as learn a thing or two about the meaning of friendship. Kids may also want to recommend new books to a friend, discuss their favorite parts or characters, or even recreate their own I Can Read! adventures.

4. Help your early reader develop their interests

There’s a wide world out there to explore, and the I Can Read! Book Club encourages kids to open up their minds and participate. Even if you can’t drive to the beach to see the ocean waves or talk to someone who lived in colonial times, kids can go anywhere in their imagination. As your child reads through books, they will likely find certain people, places, and subjects that spark their interest. This can be a great springboard to dive deeper into areas of interest and pursue lifelong hobbies.

5. Spark imagination and creativity

One of the wonders of childhood is that nothing is outside of the realm of possibility. Reading is an excellent way to foster your child’s imagination because it shows them that they can overcome anything. All it takes is a little bravery and creativity — whether that’s a fun camping trip or the first day at a new school. The more characters and stories you expose your child to with our monthly book box, the more options they have for their own creative play.

If you’re ready to help your child make this school year their best one yet, check out the I Can Read! Book Club monthly subscription box!