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Nature Calls: Fun Ways to Explore the Outdoors with Your Kids

It’s finally spring, and Little Critter is heading outside to explore! In Little Critter: Exploring the Outdoors, Little Critter and his classmates take a field trip into the woods to study their natural surroundings. The change of season makes it easier to get outside with your kids, too. Further, a bit of fresh air can help everyone in the family stay healthy and fit, and even improve behavior. Here are a few fun ways for you to embrace the change of scenery and explore nature with your youngsters:

Grab a picnic blanket. Going outside doesn’t have to mean running around. If it’s a nice day, grab a blanket and head outdoors to relax! It may seem like an impossibility with young kids, but if you pack a lunch or snacks and a few activities, you’ll be golden. Some ideas: Bring a book about birds and see if you can spy any, or, try playing a fun game to help your kid brush up on their knowledge of animal tracks and see if you can spot any nearby.

Read books about nature! Sometimes a change of scenery can provide a bit of incentive for young readers. In Little Critter: Exploring the Great Outdoors, Little Critter’s whole class goes for a hike in the woods. Little Critter chronicles the adventure and mishaps in a way that beginner readers may be able to read aloud to you. One of the perks of reading outside is that it can offer an immediate, healthy reward. Kids can be masterful negotiators, so tactics like “let’s read a book, and then we’ll do something fun and active” can work wonders. Kids also have the benefit of running around and coming back to a home base for a bit of down time (and more stories!) when they’re tired out. You can find more great book ideas here.

Play a nature-themed game. There’s a ton to explore outdoors year round, but spring offers new life, so it’s the perfect time to go on a scavenger hunt and see what you can find. We suggest you come up with a list of popular springtime ideas ahead of time. If you or your child finds something interesting that’s not on the list, it’s an added bonus. Some ideas of things to look for are various kinds of bugs, buds on trees, flowers blooming, or a bird’s nest and eggs.

Go for a walk in the woods. Like Little Critter’s class, you could go a bit further afield and find a nature reserve or walk. Young children love to explore, so even a short nature walk that entails throwing rocks into a river or pond can provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Don’t forget the the bug spray and your sunscreen, of course!

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