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3 Reasons Why My First I Can Read! Level Books are Perfect for Shared Reading

PSA: It’s never too early to start reading aloud to your child. As they begin to show signs that they are able to read on their own, shared reading offers mental and emotional benefits. For one, it can help improve memory retention and build their vocabulary. Secondly, it can be a wonderful way to jumpstart their interest in books. My First I Can Read! level stories are designed for beginner readers who are just starting to recognize letters and words. Here are three ways in which My First I Can Read! books are the perfect place to start shared reading with your youngster:

They have the best characters! When children are first learning how to read on their own, it’s helpful for them to be enthusiastic about the characters. This level of books offers plenty of independent characters as well as well-known and well-loved ones that your child will gravitate towards. If they’ve watched Super Wings, they’ll want to read the stories. If they’ve heard you talk about Biscuit, Pete the Cat, or Little Critter aloud, they’ll be thrilled to discover that they can start reading these stories along with you.

They often feature animals, which benefits a child’s development. Many of the stories in this level of I Can Read! books feature animal protagonists. Reading about animals helps children understand different perspectives and perceive the world in a gentler way. One of our favorite animals featured is Otter. Otter is curious, charming, playful, and completely relatable. In Otter: What Pet is Best?, Otter tries to choose the perfect pet for her and Teddy. The youngest readers will be thrilled to turn the pages themselves or with a grown-up. Bonus points if they read to your family pet, which also has proven benefits, including helping kids gain confidence in their reading progress!

Otter: What Pet is Best?

The stories are compelling. Learning to read words can be an exciting milestone for a child, but they also want to be engaged with a story. My First I Can Read! level books offer both. They often repeat phrases and have simple words and sentence structures. This gives emerging readers the opportunity to read some words aloud with their parents or even on their own. Along with featuring great characters, these books also provide compelling storylines that will help with reading comprehension. Learning to read is hard work, but shared reading eases the pressure, promotes bonding, and makes for a fun activity! Your youngster will be happy listening to you and trying to read on their own; a win-win for everyone!

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