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Reading Tips For Parents & Educators

Find expert reading strategies and useful tips to help introduce children to the wonderful world of reading on their own with I Can Read!

Why Danny the Dinosaur is One of the Best Dinosaur Books for Kids

There are a lot of dinosaur books out there. One of our absolute favorites is Danny and the Dinosaur, which has been popular for more than fifty years! The duo has definitely earned their spot on the list of classic children’s books. Here are four reasons why we think that …

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4 Ways to Help Your Child Face Their Fears

As children grow and develop, it’s normal for them to feel nervous or scared, especially in new situations. Even the bravest of us sometimes wish we had a bit more nerve. But bravery can be a tough thing to teach. Perhaps the best thing you can do as a parent …

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Things I Learned from Biscuit – Guest Post by the Author

Guest post from Biscuit author Alyssa Satin Capucilli to celebrate Biscuit’s 20th anniversary “Dear Alyssa Satin Capucilli, I think you should write a Biscuit book called, Biscuit Learns How to Read.” So begins a letter I received after visiting with first grade students recently. Although the young author goes on …

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4 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Kindergarten

2 children with backpacks

If you have a child entering kindergarten this fall, they may be feeling a bit anxious about the new experience. Even if your child rocks transitions, kindergarten is a big step, both for them and for you! Whether this will be their first time in school, or if they’re old …

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Try Reading Aloud – To Your Pets!

Parents, caretakers, and educators all know the importance of reading together early and consistently. But sometimes even the most eager young reader can get stuck or feel self-conscious about their ability. What’s an adult to do? Try reading to your pets!

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How to Identify the First Steps to Reading

Is your child ready to start reading on his or her own? Listening to them sound out their first words can be incredibly satisfying and exciting! But kids develop at all different rates, so knowing what signs to be on the lookout for can help make the learn-to-read experience a …

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6 Tips to Get Your Child Reading This Summer

      It’s summertime! Families everywhere are looking forward to a well deserved break from the routine of school. While everyone loves the sunshine and smiles that come around this time of year, it’s important to remember the “summer slump” or the common decline of academic achievement that happens …

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5 Lessons to Learn From I Can Read Books!

  New research shows that what children hear at a young age through reading aloud is likely to help shape their perspectives and how they act. Take advantage of this by finding great books to read aloud that teach your children great lessons while having fun! 1. To be themselves: …

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Lovely, Silly Poems for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is full of candy heart, paper cards, and poems! You can introduce poetry to kids at an early age with the help of children’s poetry. Jack Prelutsky is a popular children’s poet who was also the nation’s first children’s poet laureate, and his I Can Read! collection It’s …

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6 Things You Might Not Know About Paddington Bear!

Paddington is available in I Can Read! for the very first time. Did you read the Paddington books growing up? Chances are you, you did! Maybe you watched the television show or had a Paddington stuffed bear as well. That’s because Paddington Bear has been around for over 50 years …

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