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The 5 Flowers Pinkalicious Would Give on Valentine’s Day and Their Meanings

If there’s one thing Pinkalicious loves (besides the color pink), it’s her garden! In a brand new I Can Read! book for early readers, Pinkalicious and the Flower Fairy, Pinkalicious is absolutely positive that a flower fairy will visit her garden. After all, flower fairies love pink, and so does Pinkalicious. When she transforms her garden into a pink wonderland, will it entice the flower fairy to visit?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and so is spring! So, in honor of Pinkalicious’ garden and all things love-related, we’ve rounded up five types of flowers that she would love to give on Valentine’s Day, and so could you!

Pink Roses

Pink Rose

Roses can mean many different things, depending on their color, and Pinkalicious would give any shade of pink rose! Pink roses are one of the most popular flowers sent on V-Day, in part because of the versatility of their message. Any pink rose is considered to represent femininity, but there are also other meanings, depending on the shade. A light pink rose stands for gentleness, admiration, and pure happiness. A medium pink rose is often used to represent healing, first love, or just a simple “congratulations.” Lastly, a darker, hot pink rose is used to convey gratitude or “thank you.” Pinkalicious would probably give a bouquet with a mix of all three shades, because the more pink, the merrier.


Peonies smell amazing, and they also have a playful, oversized blossom. Pinkalicious would definitely gift these because the bigger the pink, the better! Plus, some people believe that peonies have a magical quality to them, and Pinkalicious loves magic. Peonies are perennials, which means that they can blossom year after year. In some cases, peonies have been known to blossom for more than one hundred years! Peonies can have a few meanings, including honor, fortune, and a happy relationship.


If we had to choose just one word to describe Pinkalicious, it would be “unique,” which is why we’ve included dahlias on this list. Pink dahlias symbolize kindness and grace, and they add a spunky, unique twist to any flower arrangement. Dahlias have multilayered petals and stand out from the crowd, just like Pinkalicious! Dahlias are also used to show support and positivity when someone is faced with a big change or a challenging situation, and to help find balance. Who couldn’t use a little bit of balance?


One of the most popular spring flowers is the tulip, and pink tulips stand for happiness and friendship, so Pinkalicious would love to gift them to all of her friends! Pink tulips are also a symbol of caring and good wishes. Tulips are easily recognizable and loved by all. Less romantic than roses, tulips are perfect when you’re looking for a laid-back option.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies bloom naturally in a shocking pink color, which Pinkalicious would obviously love. They also have a fun, cheerful look, and are the fifth most popular flower in the world! In addition to cheerfulness, gerbera daisies can signify innocence, both of which make them a perfect pick for Pinkalicious.

Do you know the meanings of any other pink flowers? We’d love to know what you’d add to the list! And if you are looking for more Pinkalicious-themed activities for your kids, be sure to check out the website for the animated series here.