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Find printable activities for all reading levels featuring your family’s favorite I Can Read! characters.

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Help Ty Get Through The Park!

Uh oh! Ty zoomed a bit too much on his scooter at the park. Solve the maze below to help Ty reunite with his family!

Ty's Travels I Can Read! Level 1

Hidden Word – I Want to Be a Doctor

No matter what kind of doctor is working, who helps them do their job? Cross out the letters that appear more than once to find out!

My Community I Can Read! Level 1

Tell Your Story of Persistence!

In Ty’s Travels Zip, Zoom! Ty feels like giving up – but he never does. In the space below, write or draw about a time that you felt like giving up, but pushed on and succeeded!

Ty's Travels I Can Read! Level 1

Use Your Imagination

Ty loves using his imagination and creating trains. Use your imagination to color in the train below.

Ty's Travels I Can Read! Level 1

Where is Ty?

Color in Ty and use your imagination to create his colorful new adventure!

Ty's Travels I Can Read! Level 1