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I Can Read! Printable Activities

Find printable activities for all reading levels featuring your family’s favorite I Can Read! characters.

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Amelia Bedelia Blueberry Muffin Maze

In Amelia Bedelia Makes a Friend, Amelia Bedelia baked blueberry muffins for her new friend. Can you help her find her way through the maze to deliver them?

Amelia Bedelia I Can Read! Level 1

Hidden Word – I Want to Be a Doctor

No matter what kind of doctor is working, who helps them do their job? Cross out the letters that appear more than once to find out!

My Community I Can Read! Level 1

Splat the Cat Doorhanger

Download this doorhanger from Splat the Cat: Good Night, Sleep Tight. Paste the paper onto a sheet of cardboard. Cut along the dotted line and hang from your doorknob. Good night and sleep tight!

Splat the Cat I Can Read! Level 1