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Find printable activities for all reading levels featuring your family’s favorite I Can Read! characters.

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Matching with Mia

Mia loves ballet! How much do you know about ballet? To find out, match the items with their names.

Mia My First I Can Read!

Mia’s Mystery Word

Mia is doing a very special dance! To find out what prop she is using, cross out the letters that appear more than once and reveal the mystery word.

Mia My First I Can Read!

Rhyming with Mia

Mia thinks rhyming is so much fun! Help Mia think of some fantastic rhymes for the words.

Mia My First I Can Read!

Word Scramble with Mia

Mia loves ballet but has mixed up all the instructions! Can you help her with this word scrample with the words from Mia and the Too Big Tutu?

Mia My First I Can Read!

Words within Words with Mia

How many amazing words can you make from the letters in one of Mia’s favorite words, “ballerina”?

Mia My First I Can Read!