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I Can Read! Printable Activities

Find printable activities for all reading levels featuring your family’s favorite I Can Read! characters.

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Hidden Word – Alexander Hamilton

What was Alexander Hamilton’s job after the Revolutionary War ended? Cross out the letters that appear twice to find out!

History I Can Read! Level 2

Maze – George Washington

Can you help George Washington get to Mount Vernon by solving the maze?

History I Can Read! Level 2

Rhyming – Martin Luther King

Help Martin Luther King, Jr. come up with rhymes for these words.

History I Can Read! Level 2

Word Scramble – Alexander Hamilton

Help Alexander Hamilton unscramble the words below.

History I Can Read! Level 2

Words Within Words – George Washington

How many words can you make from the letters in Washington? Write your answers below. We have already started a few for you!

History I Can Read! Level 2