Reading Tips For Parents & Educators

Find expert reading strategies and useful tips to help introduce children to the wonderful world of reading on their own with I Can Read!


Identify the First Steps in a Lifelong Journey of Reading

Is your child ready to start reading on his or her own? Listening to them sound out their first words can be incredibly satisfying and exciting! But kids develop at all different rates, so knowing what signs to be on the lookout for can help make the learn-to-read experience a …

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Finding the Perfect Book for Your Child: A Guide to I Can Read! Levels

One of a child’s proudest achievements is learning how to read, and one of a parent’s proudest achievements is guiding the child from reading together to reading alone.

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Introducing My Very First I Can Read! for Emergent Readers

To help kids discover the path to reading, we recently launched a new reading level: My Very First I Can Read!. This level features three box sets that guide children from Guided Reading Levels (GRL) 1 through G and, of course, a loveable character named Tug the Pup!

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Too Easy, Too Hard, or Just Right? How to Know When Your Child is Ready to Advance

As parents, it’s important to help guide our children through the stages of reading and to find the perfect book for our child’s reading level. The book shouldn’t be too easy or too hard—it should be just right. But what is just right for one child isn’t just right for …

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