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Lovely, Silly Poems for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is full of candy heart, paper cards, and poems! You can introduce poetry to kids at an early age with the help of children’s poetry.

Jack Prelutsky is a popular children’s poet who was also the nation’s first children’s poet laureate, and his I Can Read! collection It’s Valentine’s Day is a great place to start.

These fourteen silly, sweet poemsare perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is ideal for readers who are ready for wordplay, exciting themes, and fun vocabulary words! Fourteen easy-to-read poems go straight to the heart—and the funny bone—of the fourteenth of February.

Encourage your kids to explore poetry with this fun exercises: Take turns pointing to objects around your house, name them, and come up with a rhyme that describes the object. Remember, stay away from really hard words like “purple” or “bulb.”